Damon D'Amato Teleprompting

Location, Stage and Studio in Los Angeles

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Teleprompter owner/operator with experience in television programs, corporate communications, commercials, feature and documentary films, infomercials, and events.

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Television and Features


Commercials, Promos and PSA's

Full Sized Teleprompter

Full Sized Teleprompter

This industry standard-sized teleprompter is bright and readable, as well as lightweight. Text can be styled or highlighted.

Camera Mounted

Full Sized Teleprompter Stand Mounted

The mounting hardware I use is compatible with every camera, from Panavision to Canon and everything in between.

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Stand Mounted

Full Sized Teleprompter Stand Mounted

This is the full-sized teleprompter, mounted on a stand, with the camera looking through the mirror.

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Forward Facing

Above the Lens

Forward facing monitors on stands can be used "over the shoulder" for prompting dialog, or next to the camera to simulate an interview look.

Above the Lens

Above the Lens

These forward facing teleprompters are made with jib arms in mind, but can be used for handheld, or any time a lightwieght, quick-mounting teleprompter is needed.

Compact Teleprompter

Full Sized Teleprompter Stand Mounted

This low-profile package has a screen nearly the width of the full sized teleprompter. It's ideal for run-and-gunning and backstage at events, or when mounting is required on camrails or light-duty sticks.

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